Documentation of the DBU workshop

Title of the workshop: Large-scale grassland restoration: high diversity seeding and knowledge transfer of regional seed propagation to Hungary Workshop

Date: 09.04.2015 - 10.04.2015

Location: Hortobágy

Aim of the workshop: Introduce the DBU project and facilitate the knowledge transfer about the propagation and application of diverse seed mixtures in nature conservation and agriculture. In the second day of the workshop participants could visit the establishment windows and our propagation site.

List of presentations:

Kirmer, A.; Tischew, S.: Grassland restoration and regional seed propagation – a project of the German Federal Environmental Foundation. [PDF]

Deák, B.; Valkó, O.; Török, P.; Radócz, Sz.; Tóth, K.; Miglécz, T.; Kelemen, A.; Tóthmérész, B.: Seed propagation of characteristic loess grassland species and application of high diversity seed mixtures in nature conservation. [PDF]

Stolle, M.: An example of wild plant seed production in Central Germany. [PDF]

Kapocsi, I., Deák, B.: Grassland restoration in practice – methodology and experiences in the Hortobágy National Park [PDF]

Németh, A.; Makra, O.; Balogh, L.; Szatmári, M.; Kotymán, L.; Sallainé Kapocsi, J.: Seed collection, propagation and transplantation of loess grassland species in the KMNP (Csanádi-puszta)  [PDF]

Bodor, Á.; Máté, A.: Overseeding of different aged oldfields in Peszéradacs. [PDF]

Babai, D.; Molnár, Zs.: Use of hayseed by traditional farmers in the Carpathian Basin, in particular in the Eastern Carpathian. [PDF]

Schmotzer, A.; Kalmár, Zs.: Grassland restoration projects in the BNPD - increasing need for grassland restorations in nature conservation. [PDF]

Donkó, Á.; Miglécz, T.; Valkó, O.; Deák, B.; Kelemen, A.; Török, P.; Zanathy, G.; Tóthmérész, B.; Zsigrai, Gy.; Drexler, D.: Intercropping in Hungarian vineyards. [PDF]

Török, K.; Halassy, M.; Somodi, I.; Kövendi-Jakó, A.; Dezsényi P.: Restoring oak forest steppe sand grassland mosaic in Hungary, the LEGO project. [PDF]